5 most popular wines in the world!

A good bottle of wine can help steer your mood within seconds. The classiest of all, a priceless investment. This drink has the capacity of making you feel a million dollars, so why not get your hands on the best ones? The list below is going to provide you with all you need to know about the best wines from around the world!

Yale neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd told NRP in 2017 that, “tasting wine engages more of the brain than any other human behaviour. Solving a tough math problem stimulates the brain less than drinking a glass of wine”. If it’s good for the brain, it’s good for you. Right?

Wondering what the best bottles of wines are? Here are the perfect bottles to unwind your day:

  •   Cabernet Sauvignon


(Wine folly)

A drink that will make you feel mellow and relaxed, a perfect glass of Red wine. A French-origin grape that was made famous by the wines of Bordeaux. Today, this wine grows all over the world!

It is known for its thick and durable skin. It is without any doubt, one of the market’s most robust wines with an explosion of flavours. What’s there to not like about the Cabernet?

  •  Merlot

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A red wine, known for its boisterous cherry fruit flavor, often overshadowed by Cabernet Sauvignon. It is however America’s second favorite wine after Cabernet Sauvignon. In French, Merlot stands for “the little blackbird”.

In the world of vinos, it is the second most popular choice of wines. It is adored by all. With its Elegance and softness, the wine sure is smooth.

  •  Airén

(Wine folly)

For all you white wine lovers out there, this one’s for you! The wine is blended with grapes and known mostly only in Spain. However, due to its high sugar levels, 30% of its production is of local brandy.

It is the most outrageous wine grape the world has ever seen. By surprise, it has recently been surpassed by Cabernet Sauvignon and merlot!!

  •  Chardonnay

 (Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post)

The most popular wine in the world, a wine which can be found in every region of the world! Who hasn’t heard the name of this popular white wine? It is a green-skinned grape variety that originated in the Burgundy region of France but is now grown wherever the wine is produced.

Wonder why this particular wine is loved by all Winemakers? It is because of its easy growth and the existence of “black canvas” which lets the winemakers flex their techniques and allow them to leave their own imprint on the wine!

David Ramey, who played a major role in developing the current style of California chardonnay said, “Chardonnay is the most compelling and popular white wine in the world because it is the red wine of whites.” He also said, “It’s so complex, so interesting. And it’s the red wine of whites for two reasons: barrel fermentation and malolactic.”

  •  Pinot Noir

(Wine folly)

It is the world’s most popular light-bodied red wine. What is it loved for? It is loved for its red fruit and spice aromas. Most often, the wine is blended with Chardonnay (supposedly its cousin). Rising in popularity, loved for its flavors.

Pinot Noir ranks with some of the oldest grapes in the world, which have been around since Roman times. Pinot Noir vines tend to prefer more intermediate climates with long and cool growing seasons since it’s a sensitive, thin-skinned grape.

Now that you know a little about each, which one caught your attention?