Goal to build the "greenest" car in the world - BMW


German newspaper - Bild am Sonntag reported that BMW will aim for all the new vehicles to be made of reusable parts as of 2025.

BMW is a German Multinational corporation which produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles. They have been in business since 1916, where they first manufactured aircraft engines.

However, Chief executive officer Oliver Zipse will announce the transformation soon at a press conference and confirm the news.

BMW is a well-known and a high end luxurious car manufacturer as we all may already know so why would they need to take such a decision? The goal of Zipse, is to build the “greenest” car in the world and use as many recyclable materials in the formation and design of the car. 

BMW doesn’t just design and build cars, does it? It’s much more than that, it brings to the driver; Enthusiasm and thrill


BMW group

MINI is a british automotive marque, owned by German automotive company BMW and used by them for a range of small carsWhen it comes to this particular range of cars, BMW is all set to announce plans for it to go all-electric from 2030. This is due to the transition to battery-powered vehicles. 

Wonder why people have been talking about changing to electric cars? Electric cars emit less and are therefore much safer and better for the environment. They have risen to popularity lately, since there’s no gas required. Isn’t that something? Not only this, but they are more convenient, safe to drive and cost effective!