This one's for you!

We often forget our grooms, with the brides being the centre of both, attention, and attraction. A little unfair, isn’t it? Keeping that in mind, this one is for all you men out there - from appreciating you to providing a complete guide into the outfits you should consider wearing for the big day!

We Indians have our customs and traditions along with many intricate ceremonies. However, modernizing traditional outfits a little isn’t such a bad idea, is it? Knowing your own style and personal preference is extremely important too so you feel and look ready!

Let’s be honest, Traditional attire is one of the most captivating and stylish pieces of fashion that looks divine on Indian Men. However, a little underrated, right?


With the groom attire being fixated on being more on the formal side, personalization becomes restricted. However, nowadays accessorizing one’s attire, integrating embroidery, bold patterns, different colours and designs even jewellery are being prioritized, as they should be.

Without further ado, let’s dive in to see the options available for all you good-looking men:

SHERWANI - The most preferred!

First and foremost, comes the much loved- SHERWANI. Sherwani has been the ‘groom loved’ outfit for virtually all Indian men. Not only restricted to one but there are different kinds of sherwanis for men to cull from that suits their personality the most.

A few to name – Pakistani Sherwani, Jodhpuri Sherwani, Anghrakha Sherwani, Anarkali Sherwani, Indo-Western Sherwani, Achkan sherwani, Jacket Style Sherwani, Chipkan Sherwani etc.

Ever wondered why sherwanis are the most loved? It reflects a feeling of royalty and elegance in all aspects. The most multifarious and ethnic piece of attire!

Sherwanis in general are flared from the waist down, however, for a more masculine look, Achkan Sherwani should be your saviour for it being comparatively shorter in length.

WAISTBELTS with Sherwanis are becoming more and more popular. Going for a Royal Look? Here it is and the trend is here to stay.

 SUITS - A timeless classic!

The most stylish of all -SUITS. A well-fitted suit adds to your personality. Trends come and go, but a suit is one piece of clothing that can never be superseded. (literally)

You can customise it according to your needs, maybe integrate a print or a different style to make it more captivating than it already is.

PS. A little secret - all girls love it; I can swear by that!

BANDGHALA – A royal feeling!


Another royal looking style, a timeless classic. From a formal dinner bash to a wedding, a Bandhgala is a must-have! One thing to keep in mind is to get the impeccable fit. A glamorous look for a glamorous function, a Bandhgala can be worn in different styles and colours with added accessories.

For all the tall men, a Bandhgala Jacket with a Kurta (preferably a short Kurta) paired up with loafers is the best way to go!

INDO-WESTERN – A modern look to your Indian wear!

Who said you can’t modernize your traditional attires? With everything else around being experimental, wedding wear can be too!

If you are done with looking basic with the same old outfits, take this one into consideration but don’t forget to flaunt your graceful look in style! Mix and Match of both, traditional and modern can be a little confusing but we got a few ideas covered for you for a style that will embrace your overall look:

  • A Jodhpuri coat with a sherwani
  • A traditional kurta with a pair of jeans or pants even churidars for a simpler look
  • Indo-Western Sherwani with Dhoti
  • Asymmetric Outfit
  • Indo-Western outfit with embroidery of Zari

You have so many endless choices!

KURTAS – The simplest of all!

The most common, the most versatile, the most simple- KURTAS. For both casual and formal events, kurtas are the best way to go. You can never go wrong with it. If you are someone who likes to keep it more on the simpler side, Kurtas are for you! The different kinds of kurtas are as follows: Bandhgala Kurta, Dhoti Kurta, Pathani Kurta and many more.

Depending on the season of the wedding, they can be customized according to your personality and needs – embroidery, different colours, different cuts, and styles.

Be it mehndi or some other function, Kurtas along with a little experimenting are the classiest way to go. Juttis along with a kurta will give the perfect look to your overall outfit! 


(credits:shaadisaga). An asymmetrical Kurta – both fashionable and trendy! Want to give a twist to your attire? Go with this look. Try pairing it up with straight pants or probably pyjamas along with either loafers or white sneakers (the ‘new’ most fashionable). Embrace your look, Embrace your style!

Be the king you are at your wedding! Starting a new life can’t be easy but looking your best can be. New life New clothes!


Twin with the one you love! From matching your Safa to your brides Dupatta to matching prints and colours, go all out!

Don’t worry about stealing your bride’s thunder, in reality, it adds another look and feel to the entire wedding and for sure is adorable. A few colour combinations that go beautiful together:

  • Violet with Lilac
  • Ivory or Beige with Pink
  • Blue with Grey
  • Green with Yellow
  • Gold with Ivory
  • Off-White with Tangerine


It’s your day, be quirky if that’s what you want and like. Typically, all the attention goes towards the bride’s gown. How about attracting a little bit of that attention towards yourself as well?

If you enjoy Fashion and experimenting, wear something exhilarating. After all, this day only comes once! (why should brides have all the fun?)

Be trendy, be fashion-forward but most important of all, don’t regret your choice of clothing. If you love fashion, by all means, go over the top and accessorize!

Why is accessorizing important, you might ask? They give a more polished look, flaunt yours with a watch, drape stoles and scarves over your shoulders, wear a coloured tie, a pocket square, jewellery like necklaces and so much more.

Want to stand out? Experiment with white sneakers and loafers. Make a statement and enjoy your day!


Choosing the right footwear is much more important than you might anticipate. You may be looking your best from the top but what about the bottom? Kolhapuris, loafers and mules are the perfect choices without a doubt, keeping in mind you also have a little modern look to your attire with colours including neutral tones, navy blue and maybe velvet. If experimenting is what you like, go with white sneakers.

Be the dapper man you are by choosing the perfect fit and footwear for your overall look. Stand out from the crowd, it’s YOUR day.
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