It's all about footwear!

All about footwear!


They say, “your first impression is your last impression”. How many of you all believe this to be true? If you do, you must start prioritizing your footwear. Giving importance to just clothing isn’t the way to go, looking your best from the bottom can make the impression one might never forget.

After all, for all the grooms to have their footwear on point is probably the most important since that’s the one thing all family members from the bride’s side are going to be after!



Nowadays, attire and footwear trend changes happen like a rollercoaster on the go. It’s fast and might get a little scary to stay on top of all these trends. However, a few remain timeless. These timeless trends are the ones that always look classy. 

Express yourself with the kinds of footwear you choose, embrace your style whilst also embracing boldness, comfort, and functionality.

Below are a few classy footwear options for all the grooms to take into consideration! Let’s have a look:

Jutti with Motifs and Mojaris


Styles are constantly evolving all around us. However, juttis remain a constant classic. Their comfort and versatility make them the most beautiful and popular. They can be worn with formals as well as casual clothing.

There are different kinds of juttis like: Printed, indo-western, tassels, fabric, leather and so much more!



Mojaris are like juttis, the only difference being, they are a little more extended at the toe and open from the back. An old-fashioned footwear yet classy.



A footwear with no laces, a slip-on style. The “no-lace” style makes it easier to dress and minimalistic. One thing to keep in mind before wearing loafers is to know and understand how to style and with what to style it with. Loafers might come with a little heel but can be worn for both casual and formal events.

They can be worn with a shirt and jeans, chinos, t-shirt but avoiding shorts may be a good option as it might look out of place. Colours that go well with loafers for a formal event may include shades of black and brown.

 White Sneakers


The newest and most fashionable trend in town! Wearing sneakers at your wedding, who would have thought of wearing sneakers back in time. However, now it’s the new dapper style and for sure looks so cool! You should definitely consider this style.



Kolhapuri for men comes in a variety of different styles, designs and colours. These again are a timeless classic which can never go out of style. They can be paired up with any and every casual look like jeans, kurtas, shirt. Also, with formals like sherwanis.

The most popular of all are leather light brown Kolhapuris since they can be paired up with every Indian attire, with added designs and without any doubt, will make you look your best.

 Life is too short to be wearing boring shoes.


Do watch the video below!!