Jack & Jones to launch the most sustainable jeans to date

"We have come a long way the past seven years, and we are constantly raising the bar for our sustainability processes"

Mikkel Albrektsen.

The brand, Jack and Jones has always been committed to protecting the environment. Keeping in mind the commitment, the brand has now moved on to creating a new Low Impact Denim Collection.

This new approach of the brand promotes sustainability and proves that the brand sticks to its approach towards keeping the environment safe. Talking about the holistic approach that it is, it covers 3 pillars in its production, namely:

  • Fibre
  • Fabric
  • Finishing

CHT groups

"We have taken a deep dive into every process of denim production, with one focus in mind: to make the most sustainable jeans collection to date," said Mikkel Albrektsen, Product Responsible at Jack & Jones Jeans Intelligence in a statement.

He also said, "This aim demands a transparent supply chain from the very beginning; sourcing the fibre, dyeing the fabric and using finishing treatments that secure the desired look. And most importantly, we haven’t compromised on our core values - quality, design and fitting."

Jack & Jones have used an organic fixing agent which is essentially made from shrimp shells in order to dye its fabric. This is a process that uses 55% less water compared to conventional denim dyeing, therefore using minimal amount of water and other resources.

The lower water consumption is proving to be beneficial to both manufacturers and the environment as well.

(Courtesy of Jack and Jones)

During the finishing process of its Low Impact Denim collection, the brand has used a variety of methods such as Ozone, e-flow and laser treatments. What do they all do? They minimize the use of water, energy, and chemicals.

Jack & Jones have also collaborated with Orta, which is one of the brand’s long-time partners and a leading denim manufacturer. They teamed up with them to create an innovative process for dyeing the fabric used in its Low Impact Denim collection, called Indigo Flow.

"Embedding Indigo Flow into Low Impact Denim manufacturing standards is a first step towards disrupting the denim industry and transforming it with the most advanced technologies," said Gulfem Santo, Marketing Manager at Orta.

Jack & Jones is all set to launch its Low Impact Denim Collection in stores and online at jackjones.com this August. The debut collection consists of 4 different styles of jeans.

(Jack and Jones)

The brand partnered up with the German-based chemical specialists CHT Group to create the vintage-looking denim collection without the use of any harmful chemicals or substance.

Jack & Jones replaced the chemicals with CHT Group’s suite of organIQ products, including organIQ Bleach which can be applied as a spray mist which guarantees a modern and efficient application at the highest ecological level.

The lower water consumption is proving to be beneficial to both manufacturers and the environment as well.

“We are very proud that our organIQ products contributed to this great idea and strong collection,” said Thomas Aplas, CHT Group head of the technical service jeans and garment. “We are fond of such partnerships with innovative companies which have the same visions as we do. The energy and water savings in jeans washing speak for themselves just like the strong effects that are achieved with our environmentally friendly organIQ technology.”

Jack and Jones have also taken up Jeanologia’s Environment Impact Measuring software to make sure that the brand achieves the lowest impact for the new collection!