The slow pace of Covid Vaccinations

Coronavirus, a nation-wide pandemic has left the world in shock. In 2020, the world saw the virus spreading quickly after the first outbreak in december, 2019 in China. Covid-19 has affected many lives since then and continues to do so. 

A complete lockdown was initiated by the government last year in 2020 and it has been a difficult time for people to cope up with the effects of what the virus has left. It has affected many lives and has slowed down the global economy which led to people losing their jobs, houses and overall well-being.                                    

With the vaccinations finally reaching our country, other concerns have been raised. A new contagious South African and Brazilian variant of SARS-CoV-2 has been detected in India which is seen as one of the reasons for the slow pace of vaccinations.

India had an aim of inoculating 300 million people by July-August. Unfortunately, experts have stated, keeping the current situation in consideration that India will not be able to reach its aim. India has reported the world's second-highest number of Covid-19 cases after the United States! The country will have to crank up the pace to meet its target. 

"There are so many senior citizens who are desperately waiting to get the vaccine and we must not delay their turn. Because of strictly regulated and restricted supply of vaccines among high-priority groups, the general public has not received any protection to date," former Indian Medical Association president Dr Rajeev Jayadevan said. 

Therefore, the first set of vaccines have been targeted towards the elderly to bring down the death rate in the country. India has already lost more than 154,000 people to the pandemic, the country has now become the fastest in the world to give more than 4 million vaccine doses but the pace is yet to pick up. 

Even though India took only 18 days since the first shot to reach this mark, on the other side the US took 20 days, and the UK and Israel took more than a month. However, India has a huge population as compared to other countries who have managed to reach more number of people due to the same reason.                                Within India, Kerala has the best rate of vaccinations even when the virus is spreading quickly. The average rate of doses administered is seven doses per thousand people!

On the bright side, India has made 60% of all vaccines in the world and has successfully sold COVID-19 shots to 17 countries. There’s hope of increasing the vaccinations by next month and the target has been set to immunise at least 4-5 people everyday more than what they're doing today.

Hopefully, the pace will soon pick up and more people will be able to get access to the vaccine!