‘MYSTERY FLIGHTS’ launched by Qantas airlines to boost tourism!

Let’s take a minute to discuss the sector which has been hit pretty hard due to Covid-19 - The Aviation Sector. Ever since covid came into existence, travelling has been banned, even though the situation has shown some improvement as compared to last year, many restrictions have also come along making it difficult to travel from one place to the other.

The vaccinations have given everyone some hope, it will however take some more time till the vaccines reach every person in every country and the virus finally comes to an end.  

A few countries have opened domestic and international borders and people have started travelling as well. One country which has extended its ban on borders for another 3 months is Australia to contain the deadly virus further.

Due to this, tourism has come down to a great extent, affecting the overall economy and sector. Qantas revealed that it suffered a $1.1 billion (£6.2 billion) pre-tax loss. Therefore, the airline had to take a few measures and come up with strategies to tackle the situation and improve the sector a little.

Hence, the idea of ‘mystery flights’ came up. With the hope to boost domestic travel, the Australian flag carrier has now announced three mystery flights which will each leave from different cities to a secret destination. 


The destination will only be revealed to the passengers as and when the aircraft commences its descent. Not only this, passengers will also get to guess the journey using a flight path which will be available on their seat-back screens. Typically, the destinations are at a less distance where they can cover only a day.

“We’ll operate a series of exclusive Mystery Flight adventures where you book a flight without knowing what destination you’ll end up in until you join 120 others on a surprise adventure day outing,” the airlines said on its website.

Quantas was one of the first airlines to offer flights to nowhere, the excitement of not knowing where you’ll end up landing made the passengers curious and eager to get on these flights and to enjoy the adventure that came along!

Such flights were quite popular back in the 1990s where Qantas had a network for passengers to arrive at the airport, not knowing the destination and being placed on any flight within the Qantas network.

However, the new mystery flights offer a private charter on a Boeing 737 flight from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, to a surprise location for an entire day. What does the package include? It includes breakfast in the Qantas lounge of departure city, inflight food and beverages, gift bag for all passengers, and activity tailored for the destination.