Aazrak bandhgala jacket

Rs. 8,000 Rs. 15,000
Aazrak is a beautifully handcrafted navy blue brocade indowestern jacket that'll instantly make you feel like a Royal. This versatile piece can be paired with almost any look from day to night without fuss.
The idea was simple: make it easy and fashionable for men to buy clothes. With humble beginnings, we launched the first version of Salve in October 2015. We didn’t come from fashion, neither did we have any fancy investors. A lot of mistakes were made, yet our members gave us a lot of love. So much so that we grew beyond our expectations. We personally hate the term "Customer", it is cold and distant. Instead, we prefer to create a community of members who have been the cornerstone of our growth and we owe it to them big time!

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