007 Tuxedo Suit


007 Tuxedo Suit

Our tuxedo suit is inspired by our love for James Bond and his class apart suits. 

The black color is associated with sophistication and elegance and it is a popular choice for black-tie events, weddings, and other formal occasions. Our black tuxedo is generally a rich, deep black with a slight sheen or gloss to it. The name "tuxedo" itself comes from the fact that the color was traditionally used for the black jackets worn with formal evening wear.

₹ 20,000.00

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Our team at Salve believes in unique-size-for-everyone. Every guy is different and our garments are custom made to match your fit and style.

We understand that the man of this century believes in expressing through style. We master all things powerful while keeping the fashion quotient alive.

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Terry Rayon is a premium-grade fabric that’s made of rayon and natural fibers. When combined and woven together, it offers a strong yet super-comfortable fabric that’s ideal for use in the stitching of suits and pants. Terry Rayon looks like and feels like wool, featuring a soft and supple texture that resembles its counterpart. Don't let that fool you into thinking Terry Rayon is nothing more than wool, however. On the contrary, while it looks and feels like wool, it's actually stronger and more durable. So choosing a Terry Rayon suit means you get the best of both worlds: it's strong yet still super soft and comfortable at the same time.


Tuxedo pants do not have belt loops; instead, wear a cummerbund, the black, silky sash that wraps around your navel, and ties or snaps in the back to cover your waist and smooth out the part of the shirt that may wrinkle when tucked in. Black patent leather shoes are a classic look to accompany your tuxedo. Lace up, give the shoes a shine, and pull your socks up to your knees (or as far up as they will go). For semi-formal occasions, you can wear classy loafers.